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If you have ever considered starting a home based business the timing is right. The home based businesses opportunity market is expected to see the largest growth in over 20 years starting in 2013. Most people are discovering that it is easier to start a home business than to find employment. Even full time employees are looking for ways to supplement their incomes, create a safety net in case they experience layoffs or closings and many are just trying to establish balance in their lives by creating more time to spend with their families. In addition, when you consider the tax advantages of starting your own business, it becomes a very smart investment as well as a tremendous opportunity.

Whatever the reason, finding the right opportunity can be difficult and even overwhelming at times with so many choices to choose from, so how do you know what to look for? Like any business the startup cost is one of the first things to consider, and then looking at the monthly overhead might be the most important factor of all.  Some other important factors to consider are; Is there a need for what I am offering? Can people afford it, can I do it and how much money can I make?

The Internet has given us the ability to reach a much larger market than conventional “Brick & Mortar” businesses and with today’s advancement in technologies operating an Internet business from home has endless possibilities and can be easy to start.  If you look at some of the most exciting, up and coming companies in the world today they are all online. They include the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Amazon and Groupon among thousands of other’s.

Business For Home showed that in 2012 home based businesses boomed! In fact, 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed and $427 billion was made by home based businesses in 2012. This has led to someone setting up a new home based business every 12 seconds and there are now 38 million people involved in a home based business in the USA. 44% of the home based businesses were started for less than $5,000 but what if you could start one with all the help and support you needed for less than 5% of the figure above?

If you are considering starting your own business with a small startup cost, low monthly overhead, no need to purchase costly inventory that I might get stuck with and something that everyone would be interested in, Shopping Sherlock may be your best option. Shopping Sherlock allows you to give something away for FREE that everyone one want and needs and allows you to make money from the usage of that product! Shopping Sherlock has an innovative “Best Deal” App that helps consumers save time and money on things they were already going to buy online.

The secret lies in asking the users to buy nothing extra, just let the Sherlock help you save money on things you were already going to buy.  Getting paid to help people save money is a unique business concept. The FREE App works with all the major search engines and instantly searches the entire Internet to find the user the best deal no matter what they are searching for, but it doesn’t stop there.  It also gives access to local “Daily Deals” and coupons from national and local businesses, both on the Internet and on mobile devices. When the consumers purchase these offers or even request additional information, Shopping Sherlock distributors can get paid.

Here are some saving stories from Shopping Sherlock users:

I recently purchased 4 Bluetooth wireless ear buds. Original price was $99.00 each. We found and purchased them for $20.00 per pair! That’s a $316 savings!” Atlanta GA.

“I was looking for a GPS for my wife, normally cost between $150 to $250, and found it on the Shopping Sherlock “Daily Deal” for $84.” St. Louis MO.

“Needed a new stove so I went down to the local RC Willey store to see which one I wanted, took a pic with my phone of the model number and it was $889.00. Came home Sherlocked it and found it for $719.00 with free freight. I printed the offer and drove back to the store and showed it to them and they matched it. I saved $170.00 AWESOME!”

“I needed to replace my Golf driver and I knew which club I wanted as I tested it at my local driving range. I found it for $479.99 on the Nike website, but then I used the Sherlock and to my amazement the Sherlock found the exact same club for $149.99 saving me a huge $330! Miami FL.  

Realizing that the most valuable piece of Real Estate in any market is the screens of computers, PCs, laptops, iPads, and Notepads, the Sherlock now delivers their App in a nifty package that includes an Interactive homepage that allows the consumer to do all of their online activities from one location like email, social media, favorite sites, weather, news, sports…well you get the idea, whatever is important to them! With the ever growing mobile phone market the Sherlock has an App for consumers on the go, giving them access to local and national deals and enabling you to get paid as they take advantage of these deals. The business model is so simple the only question is, do you know anyone that would like to save money? If you do then you already have customers just give them the App for FREE help them save and get paid. There are no limitations on how many Sherlock’s you can give away or where you can give them away. Now you might be asking yourself how you could make money giving something away for FREE. Doesn’t sound like a good business model; companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter might not agree since all of them let consumers use their product at NO cost. Interesting… the Sherlock basically directs traffic to offers and gets rewarded to do so. Consumers helping consumers helping businesses.

Here’s the best part, do you think others are going to want to know how they can make money giving something away for FREE. Their distributors say that once someone experiences the savings they simply share the Sherlock plan and start building a team of like-minded people. Distributors can build a team in a variety of different countries as the Sherlock is going Global. Because of the low startup cost of a onetime license fee of $249 and a low monthly fee of $34.95 finding people that want to start their own home based business is easy. The cool thing is that the value of the Sherlock package is worth far more than that. They give you everything you need including your own website, unlimited inventory of Shopping Sherlock Apps to giveaway, a turnkey marketing system including your very own blog and much more! In fact, here are all of the features involved with the Shopping Sherlock package:

The Distribution License allows the distributor to giveaway as many Shopping Sherlock Apps as they wish allowing them to earn as much money as they desire. The more the Apps are used, the more money there is to be made, simple! Value $200

Hundreds of training and resources are available to all distributors. Shopping Sherlock believe that you are in business for yourself, but you are never by yourself. They offer all the help and support that a new distributor needs if they want. Value $125

The field leaders have developed a simple 1,2,3 System that can be used to introduce the business with all its benefits to potential prospects and users. Value $125

With the help of the incredible Capture Pages/Marketing Tools introducing a new person to the Shopping Sherlock home based business is made a whole load easier! These tools have been created by experienced marketers that know what the prospect wants to see. Value $150

There is a Coupon Creator within the back office that allows the distributor to simply create a coupon that they can attach to the Sherlock Apps that they give away that can be printed and presented for discounts and/or offers. Value $150

When someone purchases the Shopping Sherlock package they are given their very own duplicated website, this saves them having to create their own website and it shows all of the information the corporate website shows as well as tracks all of the applications that are installed through your website. Value $50

The Shopping Sherlock Social Media Platform – S2 Rocket provides the distributors with a platform to go to ask other distributors in the organization help and advice by simply sharing a post with the same model as Facebook, and others reply to the post. Company communication is also done through this platform. Value $50

The Blogging Feature of the Sherlock package is incredible. Every distributor has their own blog which can be updated at the click of a button. Distributors can post about team news, company updates, or even their saving stories. Value $150

When a distributor gives away a Shopping Sherlock App, all the activity is there for you to see in the Tracking (S2 APP MANAGER). This impressive function allows the distributor to see the number of installations, how many clicks have occurred, the number of sign ups to the mobile app and to the daily deal site. Value $150

Upon purchasing the Shopping Sherlock package, the distributor is automatically affiliated with their own Daily Deal Aggregator so that they can then give away the Sherlock Apps and capitalize from the thousands of daily deals from companies like Groupon, Living Social, KGB Deals and many more. Shopping Sherlock take care of all of this for the distributor so they don’t have to worry about it! Value $100

Like the daily deals aggregator, when someone buys the package, they are automatically affiliated with many big online companies so they can then give away the Sherlock Apps and earn affiliate income whenever one of their users buys a product or service from any of the affiliated websites. The key benefit with this is that Shopping Sherlock tracks all of this for you and set up the relationships so you don’t have to! Value $150

If you were to launch a traditional business you would need to keep on top of all your stock, deliveries, sold items, shipment of products, as well as many other things. Well luckily, the distributors of Shopping Sherlock have access to an amazing online Back Office where everything can be seen. This ranges from new signups, commissions, installation reports, activity graphs and more. Value $50

Shopping Sherlock have their own smart phone product, which means all users can install the app on their mobile phone and get the benefits of thousands of coupons and daily deals. Again, all of this is tracked and anything that is bought through the mobile app is tracked back to you, the distributor. Value $200

One of the hidden benefits of the Shopping Sherlock package is the understanding of how to save over $2,000 per year. You saw some saving stories above but many distributors of Shopping Sherlock say that they are saving between $200-300 every month on items they would have bought anyway.

Did we mention that business owners can brand the App with their business, link it to their website, and even deliver coupons by simply giving them to existing and future customers? As a business owner this is “Priceless” every time a customer does a search no matter what they are searching for your brand shows up on the front page of all major search engines. Now if businesses could communicate through this system that would be the ultimate tool….well they can! The interactive homepage gives businesses the ability to send messages directly through the homepages that they gave away.  Talk about staying connected to your community! Value $200


The value of the Shopping Sherlock package is worth well over $1,800 but it only costs the distributor a onetime license fee of $249 and a low monthly fee of $34.95. Where else do you know where you can run a business for an overhead cost of $34.95 per month and be given the tools and support to run a worldwide business?


In summary this might very well be the Perfect Home Business, getting paid to help people save time and money. Low start up and low monthly overhead makes Shopping Sherlock one to watch. You can visit their website at

If you have watched the worldwide growth of the Internet and have seen the fortunes being made, Shopping Sherlock may be your best chance to participate in the biggest growth market in the world and get your piece of the pie.

People using the Internet and mobile devices to find the best deals on products and services is not a fad. It’s a huge trend that will continue to grow worldwide. Get in front of this trend and the huge growth in mobile, by starting your own Shopping Sherlock business. Stop watching other people make money on the Internet and start building your future.

37 comments on “Shopping Sherlock Review
  1. A remarkable product that has saved me over £2,000 on things I would have bought anyway… The money I saved helped me fund an amazing holiday! I bought a Sherlock System also and have been happily sharing the product with my friends and family ever since.

  2. Brilliant money saver and the Business is so simple

  3. Alan Platt says:

    The Shopping Sherlock is indeed GREAT value for what we have access to,The opportunity right now is HUGE worldwide. In my opinion our payplan is second to none and has worked fantastic for us, going Global in our 3rd full Month. The products are outstanding, we have saved a fortune using the free application, we also give it away for FREE, help people save money and as they benefit we make money – WOW. The corporate is driving this at pace to be the No 1 company in our business model. In my opinion the Sherlock is second to non, I truly endorse this company and product. I for one am very glad indeed I joined and will continue to work with the global team long term – I have found a home for the next 20 years, as this is solid. Thank you Shopping Sherlock

  4. I love the FREE Shopping Sherlock app! I have saved a FORTUNE!

    The fact that when you are a Sherlock System owner you can give the free app to your friends and family and they can then save both time and money and you benefit is incredible!

  5. Derek Semple says:

    The Shopping Sherlock Rocks, today I used the FREE APP and found a TEFL course that would normally cost £473, I got it for only £19, thats over a 95% saving. So needless to say I purchased it and saved a shed load of money. Believing is seeing, find out how much you could save.

  6. As a small business owner, it just made sense – only $34.95/mo – give away free Sherlocks to all of my clients/customers/friends – everytime they click & shop on-line & now on their mobile phone I make $$ – so many of my friends are already buying Groupon & LivingSocial deals anyway – now I get paid cash not Groupon dollars when they purchase it through their Shopping Sherlock or the free Blip-a-Deal app on their mobile device. It is just too simple! The next phase local businesses will be able to add all their deals on the Blip-a-Deal to advertise their deals to our Sherlock network! WOW!

  7. Peter Benns says:

    I have been in network marketing/direct sales for 20 years and to me Shopping Sherlock is the perfect formula for success in the industry. Why? Because in terms of product distribution no selling is involved, just a sharing with people on how they can save time and money for FREE! In the present economy that is the name of the game and it is a WIN/WIN for customer and distributor. In our industry success is a partnership between the distributor in the field and the corporate team, and under Michael Wiedder’s leadership we have a proven team for under-pinning our global success in the future.

  8. Carol Parker says:

    Great review of a great business opportunity available right around the world. Available in Australia enjoy the benefits now!

  9. John Parker says:

    A fabulous review. Everything you need to know about starting a home based business with Shopping Sherlock in a nutshell. A great opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a reputable company that has HUGE potential in a global market.

  10. Paul Atwal says:

    Having worked in Direct Sales for over 15 years this has to be the most simplest, duplicatable and best Global Business Opportunity that I have had the privileged to be involved in. To save money myself plus to help family and friends is a No Brainer. Not being a Tech Geek myself the tools which Michael and his team provide us with to build the business for such a low low start and monthly expense is Unbelievable and 100% winner. Lets Rock The World.

  11. I am restaurant owner and in this economical climate Sherlock really helping me to bring new customers throughout branding and coupon maker system as well as a second income stream which everybody needs now . It is the great opportunity and recourse of lpassive income !

  12. Gerald Baily says:

    We save money and time using the Sherlock. Then Sherlock unlocks the door to income and security with a world wide business. I save just over $20.00 each month on printer refills. In the USA a savings of $20.00 a month which would be $240.00 a year would require $24,000.00 in a savings account at 1%. WOW ! All from the free app.

  13. Two reasons why I am a huge believer in the Shopping Sherlock: 1. Great leadership in our CEO. 2. Awesome technology.

    Orlando Florida.

  14. KIRIT NAIK says:


  15. Amazing business, anyone can do this.

  16. Asafa Atai says:

    Great Global Home Based Business. Very Affordable And Amazing Way To Save & Make Money!

  17. I am restaurant owner and the app is really helpful in my business. I using branding and coupon maker and it is working just fine. So as a business I am making money …. as a person I saving money for me and other people. Great concept and fantastic app. Looking forward for new futures !

  18. Phil Roberts says:

    Great app. Saved loads of money. even better now the daily deals platform has come online also.

  19. There was a business, which you can only dream. More convenient and easier, I have never met.

  20. Ean Bruce says:

    I have saved over £40 on a full set of Genuine Epson inks for my R320 which cost me £47 Ebay instead of £87 from amazon a great saving, also bought a Sony Vaio lap top from PC World saving me another £30 initially by using the shopping Sherlock as a price comparison tool, then the manage asked me if there was anything else I wanted to said I said I wouldn’t mind a backpack which was priced at £25, so he said he would knock a £5 off the backpack, so in real terms I save another £25….Bring Januarys savings to £72 so far.

  21. Internet Home based businesses are the businesses of the 21st Century.

  22. Ean Bruce says:

    I have saved over £40 on a full set of Genuine Epson inks for my R320 which cost me £47 Ebay instead of £87 from amazon a great saving, also bought a Sony Vaio lap top from PC World saving me another £30 initially by using the shopping Sherlock as a price comparison tool, then the manage asked me if there was anything else I wanted to said I said I wouldn’t mind a backpack which was priced at £25, so he said he would knock a £5 off the backpack, so in real terms I save another £25….Bring Januarys savings to £72 so far.

  23. Chris Cliff says:

    Great review, great opportunity getting better all the time. Just bought my wife some replacement Hermes Caleche Eau de Tiolette 100ml. On Hermes site for £88-00, on Google for £63-00, on Sherlock £38-29 (£42-82 delivered). Says it all really!

  24. When I was first introduced to Shopping Sherlock, I new at that moment that this would be an amazing opportunity. Shopping Sherlock has paid for itself and more. Not only in saving shopping dollars but earned income. I have not ever experience such quickly return on my investment. This opportunity has such rewards. My thrill and excitement to share this opportunity with others. Giving away something for free an seeing others realizing the great opportunity before them is great.

  25. Rimantas says:

    So simply! Using Sherlock – saving 40% ! Using Sherlock – getting affiliate incoms! Using Sherlock – expanding your Team!


  26. Amazing – what more can I say..!!!

    Just found a saving of £500 using the sherlock for a Samsung PS51E8000 51inch 3D Plasma Full HD SMART TV WiFi Freeview… Google £1444.00.. Sherlock £950…!!!!!

    Now you would have to earn over £750 before taxes to make that Money.. you can save it in an instant with the Sherlock… And whilst on the subject of money. Just Imagine…. A business based on a product thats free, that you give away, when it gets used to save people money then you make money..! How unique and powerful is that.

    I just wish I jumped aboard months ago, I would have made a lot more money and saved my self some heartache as well as lots of cash.

    Do not let this one pass you by,

  27. The Sherlock just keeps getting better and better. Friends don’t let friends pay retail. The FREE Sherlock is changing the way the world shops online!

  28. We have been involved in the profession for over 40 years combined.We always carried products that we believed in that works before we jump into it.We are not much into the internet.We are not techy people.But we understood that NOTHING like this concept has ever been shared to us:Give a product free and make money as people benefit!It is truly a genius concept that will leave other opportunities in the dust!NO high start up cost.NO product inventory.NO selling.You will NOT burden your friends with products that ends up in peoples’garages.With this kind of business operation,There is NO competition!

  29. “Make Money Helping Others Save Money”, that’s a primary aim of the Shopping Sherlock.

  30. Eric Hill says:

    I saved $200.00 on a plane ticket from Charlotte NC to New York. A round trip ticket only cost me $105.00… You can’t beat this price!!!!

  31. Robert says:

    Wow! WoW! WOW! This is A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! ! !

  32. I can’t begin to tell you how much time I have saved finding the best prices for what I am looking for online with the Shopping Sherlock. Repeatedly, I not only find the best prices, but find them so quickly and easily. It’s great to share this tremendous time saving and money saving tool with others, have them appreciate it so much, and earn money when while they save money. Truly a win/win situation. I sure enjoy giving it away for free, when it has so much value. This is a tremendous business model that anyone can follow.

  33. Jim Swink says:

    In reality it doesn’t cost anything to have a Shopping Sherlock business, if you shop with the Sherlock. The money you can save when you do your monthly shopping with your Sherlock can be greater than the initial and monthly cost of running your business. How great is that?

    Enjoy Shopping – Enjoy Saving

  34. Jaye Pelfrey says:

    This is a great tool to use to save money and also a great Business Tax write off… every little bit counts!

    I have saved lots of money on baby Furniture and hunting supplies!!!

  35. Angela Ruff says:

    I love the Sherlock–the business & the product! It really makes you feel good when you help people save money; I have been struck by the relief I see pass over mom’s faces when I tell them examples of what I have saved, and that they can get it for free & save money too.

    I just replaced my coffee maker with a red Cuisinart that retails for $150. I found it at our local Macy’s using my Sherlock, which alerted me to the red hot sale! I took it home for $60! Thank you, Shopping Sherlock!

  36. Im happy being part of shopping sherlock

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